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Ashley Bristowe and Chris Turner commissioned the House Project as a wedding gift for their new neighbors and longtime friends, Sara Simpson and John Johnston. What started as a present became an experiment in re-imagined spaces, and then a vaguer, more poetic statement about the potential in forgotten places and empowering temporary homes for the arts, now.

Who’s to say? For the artists, the freedom behind the House Project lies in the fact that it’s temporary, transient and scheduled for demolition, (hey, we got to tear holes in the walls!) But the essential ideas behind the show may be more lasting…

Interested in hearing more about this perspective? Read Chris Turner’s article called Planning to tear down your house? First, let it be art, published on Mother Nature Network’s website.

Back in time for a moment: the day before the House Project Opened, I slept in a closet. That being said, that closet was lined with mattresses and surrounded by inflatable plastic fish. This is probably the most romantic way a person can become one with their art… which explains why Lane and Danny spent so much time sleeping in their pieces.

These are photos from the day before our show opened. Photos of the finished pieces will be posted in short order… you really had to be there.

Planning and staring (and staring… and planning…) and ripping things apart.

In this (short) series of photos you can see Lane Shordee scoping out the laundry machines, the summer exterior of 229, John and Andrew Frosst right after they clambered down off the roof and onto the back deck, Ashley Bristowe getting excited for the space (Sara Simpson to her left), Chris Turner with a glass o’ wine, and Lane contemplating the kitchen floor/cupboards/counters that he’s beginning to cut into. These are the beginnings, and it’s going to get pretty crazy in the next few weeks. Just wait until those Frosst boys get to work!

As an aside, while the stucco asbestos test in the basement came up CLEAR, we still haven’t heard back about the second asbestos test (drywall mud). We’ll know whether or not the coast is clear by TOMORROW. Cross your fingers for us.

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On a less exciting note, there have been some hitches of late. A couple days ago, Ian Ward (one of the artists who doubles as an employee of Health and Safety) suggested that there may be an interior asbestos problem in the house. This shouldn’t come as a super surprise, considering that the exterior tiles …

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These are the photos I took of the interiors of the house as I saw them for the first (and second) time. 229-10A street is a charming, odd house, featuring some very strange details: a gun closet for a previous owner’s collection of firearms, a stairwell built onto the house as an addition (the only …

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The House Project is a one-time only group installation featuring artists with an interest in re-appropriated, transformative and re-imagined spaces. Based out of a small home in Kensington, Calgary, at the end of the project, the house will be knocked down and all the art inside demolished with it. With this in mind, the pieces …

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