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The latest in an evolution of pre-demolition projects including WRECK CITY and others, PHANTOM WING is currently accepting submissions.


Through a series of large-scale artworks, PHANTOM WING explores the soon to be demolished 1960s wing of the historic King Edward School prior to redevelopment as a multidisciplinary arts hub. A community of 15 artists / collectives are invited to create large-scale installations within the abandoned wing. Artists are encouraged to fully utilize the space and re-appropriate discarded materials when possible. The resulting exhibition will be both an echo and a bang: a reflection and a mirage. In essence, PHANTOM WING proposes the creation of a phantom limb – an event designed to resonate long after the building is severed from its adjoining sandstone counterpart.

PHANTOM WING is independently organized by Artist-Curators:Matthew Mark Bourree, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Shawn Mankowske & Natalie MacLean, with special thanks toBrandon Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, and John Frosst.

  • ARTISTS INSTALLATION DATES: September 2 – 23, 2013

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