Swing That Hammer

The ball is rolling, and the artists of The House Project are beginning to swing into action for REAL. Andrew Frosst leaves for Montreal on Saturday, so John Frosst and he are getting down to it, beginning to form geometric shapes out of “reclaimed” plywood around the interior windows of the house.

Lane Shordee’s kitchen whirlpool is turning quite rapidly into a tropical oasis. He brought his pal Sean MacAlister to help out on Sunday, and the whirlpool piece looks to be in great shape, with a board walk wrapping around it and a large glass basin. Lane used the clear glass top from a deck table for the basin of his whirlpool (which somehow fits perfectly).

Lauren Simms is also getting down to work. Last we talked, there was a rumour of black lights and white string drawings. Her white string is getting to take over the room, and the barred chain gate of the gun closet plays into the lined aesthetic very well.

For our part, I took today and tomorrow off work, and Wayne Garrett and I started cutting the hole needed for our main-floor to basement slide. The plan is to cover the hole with a door, so it looks like a strange topsy-turvy hallway to the basement.

Danny Kirk and Ian Ward are still out of town, but it looks like they’re going to be working like crazy when they get back here. Between handmade balloons and hidden paintings, it looks like The House Project will round itself out pretty well. Now we’re all in the crunch, so only time can tell.

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