Asbestos Test

Yesterday night, Wayne Garrett descended into the basement of 229-10A Street and gouged up a sample of the stucco and the drywall mud for asbestos testing. Before cutting into the potentially contaminated surfaces, Wayne remembered to turn off the furnace to avoid spreading air-born toxins all over the house (clever guy!) Afterwards, we discovered the wall drawings left by Sara and John’s kids in the basement hallway. Lit only by a flashlight, they looked like cave paintings in the darkness.

The recommendation for gathering potential asbestos samples is to spray the suspect surface with water and scrape a couple spoonfuls into a bag. For lack of a more effective tool, Wayne used a steak knife, peeling some of the stucco and some of the drywall mud into a set of ziploc bags. Mission accomplished, he brought in the samples to the lab in a big mason jar this morning. Now we have only to wait and see if the house we’re messing with is completely covered in asbestos…

On a happier note, it’s looking like the asbestos tests won’t cost the initial $130 estimated (Western Health and Safety had us pegged for suckers!) Instead, Lane suggested we go through Bio-Chem Consulting, and they charge only $25 a test (5-day turn-around). We’ve put a rush on the stucco sample – which doubles the price – but we’ll still end up with a little bit extra pin-money for invites and posters. I admit, so far this project has been a good lesson in budgeting.


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