Red Lights

On a less exciting note, there have been some hitches of late. A couple days ago, Ian Ward (one of the artists who doubles as an employee of Health and Safety) suggested that there may be an interior asbestos problem in the house. This shouldn’t come as a super surprise, considering that the exterior tiles of the house (and probably the attic) are rife with the stuff! Asbestos insulation was fairly standard for houses of that age, (1914) and most of the time it isn’t a problem – unless disturbed. Therein lies the kink – Lane Shordee’s idea from the get-go has been to install a working whirlpool between the kitchen and the basement, which means cutting a pretty substantial hole between floors. Ian suspects that the basement stucco may contain asbestos… and by cutting holes to the basement we’d be kicking up a whole lot of asbestos dust. But he isn’t sure.

So it’s time to do some testing. My fingers are crossed for no asbestos (it would be a total heart-breaker considering that at least 5 out of 8 artists’ concepts rely heavily on a complete disregard for the physical presence of floors). Even if the stucco doesn’t contain asbestos, just the process of getting the ceiling tested is a bit of a pain. Wayne Garrett and I are going today to find a proper respirator mask, wet down the stucco, scrape it into a ziploc bag and send it away – a 5-day process costing $130! For a one-month project with a budget comprised of $400 and a $190 gift certificate to Totem, that sucks!

… but, that being said, safety should always be first. And really, once we know for certain, one way or the other, we’ll be free to innovate like mad – which is what artists are best at, after all.

Rolling with the punches, yo! Stay tuned for updates.

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