The House Project

The House Project is a one-time only group installation featuring artists with an interest in re-appropriated, transformative and re-imagined spaces. Based out of a small home in Kensington, Calgary, at the end of the project, the house will be knocked down and all the art inside demolished with it. With this in mind, the pieces inside will be fashioned either from garbage, found materials and re-appropriated trash, or by ripping apart and using the house itself. Each room of the house will treated by a different artist, along with the exterior of the house, which will culminate into the transformation of the space into a communal installation. This is a community project about interpretations of home, whatever that means, be it architectural, personal, historical, familial or entirely fantastic.

The House – 229-10A Street NW

Meet the Artists:

Andrew Frosst
Caitlind r.c. Brown
Daniel Kirk
Ian Ward
John Frosst
Lane Shordee
Lauren Simms
Wayne Garrett

Install dates:
All of August, 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, September 2nd
6 – 10 pm

Other viewing dates:
September 3rd and 4th

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